Extra parking places in Alcoy on Costa Blanca

BENEFIT: The Public Works councillor said the council is going to continue to add further to available parking. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Alcoy

ALCOY council has created additional parking spaces in the town.

The local authority said it had managed to achieve the extra parking by reorganising space on some streets and by adapting a number of empty plots.

The new spaces are concentrated in areas by the cycling and pedestrian track going from the north entrance to Alcoy to the Green Way.

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As it stands there are 295 new spaces. Plans for two further set of works will push this up to 382.

“We always said that the cycle-pedestrian axis was not going to reduce parking spaces, and that we were going to gain more spaces in the nearest possible zones, something which we can now see, and we will soon continue increasing”, commented Alcoy Public Works councillor Jordi Martinez.

“We know works create a nuisance, but once completed they will be a benefit to our town and the people living here, not only today, but also in the Alcoy of tomorrow”, the councillor added.

The nine-kilometre long axis has two lanes, one for each direction. As well as a cycle lane steps are being taken to make it accessible to walkers.

The project connects the 4.6-kilometre green way with the recently created axis, which joins Alcoy and Concentaina.


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