El Campello Moors & Christians rewarded for glass recycling efforts on the Costa Blanca

GOOD JOB: Ecovidrio recognised Moors & Christians association Els Pacos for their contribution to achieving more sustainable, environmentally-friendly fiestas. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de El Campello

NEARLY 11,000 kilos of glass were recycled during El Campello’s Moors & Christians fiestas staged in October.

The ‘La reconquista del vidrio’ (glass reconquest) initiative organised by Ecovidrio, the non-profit company which manages glass recycling in Spain, in collaboration with the El Campello Services department headed by deputy mayor Julio Oca and the Valencian government resulted in the collection of 10,900 kilos of glass, equivalent to 41,500 containers, over the days of the celebrations.

Ecovidrio awarded recycling competition winners the Moors & Christians association Els Pacos with a mini recycling ingloo and a selection of local products for their sterling efforts in achieving more sustainable, environmentally-friendly festivities.


The most recent available figures corresponding to 2018 show El Campello residents have recycled some 877,000 kilos of glass, representing an average of 31.4 kilos per person.

The municipality currently has 221 glass recycling igloos, or one for approximately every 126 people.


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