Costa del sol: Olive farmers

A more sustainable olive grove: Research results. SOURCE: Shutterstock

THE DOSAOLIVAR operating group, represented by Dcoop presented on Tuesday the final conclusions of its R + D + i project, whose objective was to improve phytosanitary treatments in the olive grove by optimizing the dosage of the products to achieve a more sustainable crop.

The result of this research has been the development of a computer application and an electronic self-regulation system that determines the minimum necessary dose, Dcoop said in a statement.

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The project, which arose from a demand from the sector, will provide olive growers with a simple and easy implementation instrument that will partially automate the application and will result in an immediate benefit for farmers and technicians.

In addition to improving the environmental sustainability of the crop, the system also improves the economic one, around 13 per cent in costs, and will adapt to the sustainable use of phytosanitary products of the European Commission.


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