Costa del Sol: Climate summit in Madrid for Malaga adventurer

Malaga adventurer: Representing Andalucia at the world climate summit SOURCE: Laveta Eyewear

MALAGA adventurer Manuel Calvo will represent Andalucia at the world summit in Madrid. He will accompany Juanma Moreno and talk about his expeditions to the Arctic.

If there is someone who knows first-hand how the effects of climate change it is Calvo. Having taken part in more than ten expeditions to the Arctic make him a bit of an expert on the subject.

During his stays, he has lived with several ‘Inuit’ groups, which is how the people who inhabit the Arctic are known. He knows their routines and customs and knows about lives based on hunting and food storage, with the sole purpose of surviving extreme weather conditions.

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His experience has now enabled him to be designated by the board as one of the speakers representing Andalucia at the world climate summit, which is being held this week in Madrid. He has been asked to share his findings and detail how the effects of climate change in Greenland are perceived, and what consequences it may have for the rest of the world. 



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