Top News In Spain’s Granada, Andalusia, As Alleged Thief of 1200 Kilos of Avocados Arrested

Top News In Spain’s Granada, Andalusia As Alleged Theft of 1200 Kilos of Avocados Arrested Credit: Shutterstock

THE Guardia Civil has arrested a young man on charges of alleged theft of 1.2 tons of avocado from a farm in Molvízar (Granada – Spain).

Two other individuals are also under investigation.

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The crime took place last month between October 29 and November 2 where three individuals were spotted stealing avocados from a farm in Molvízar.

The individuals entered the farm after breaking the perimeter fence and stole approximately 1.2 tons of avocados which they loaded into sacks and then transported to a van.

On the last day, the owner was alerted by a witness who saw the young men inside the farm.

The victim reported the robbery to the Civil Guard of Salobreña and the Roca team of the region who were able to identify one of the individuals and arrest him.

The Guardia Civil continues to investigate the events and hopes to arrest the other two suspects in the coming days.



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