Madrid arrests made after gender violence complaint in Spain leads to drugs lab

Drugs lab in Madrid shut down. File photo.

A COMPLAINT of gender violence let to a drugs gang and laboratory being dismantled and four arrests made in Spain.
National Police in Alicante on the Costa Blanca took a call from a woman making a complaint of domestic abuse, saying she had just been attacked by her partner. 

A police patrol was dispatched to the scene and when they arrived the woman alerted then to the fact that her partner had just got into a car with the intention of hiding a large amount of narcotic substances. 

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The policemen immediately investigated found the man and vehicle and, in a search, discovered 1,000 ecstasy tablets, crystal meths, ketamine, speed and more than €1,000 in cash. 

The man was immediately arrested accused of a crime against public health and a crime of ill-treatment. 

This was just the start of the investigation, which eventually led them to Madrid. There they uncovered a small drugs manufacturing laboratory using a music studio as a front. 

After entering the premises, police found 2,530 grams of speed, 320 grams of crystal meths, 1,000 tablets of ecstasy, 160 grams of ketamine, 27 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, 290 grams of caffeine, various chemicals, three precision scales, two packers, a mixer and a multitude of test tubes. 

The agents proceeded to arrest the three people who allegedly ran the drugs lab. 


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