Police rescue sick dogs packed into Alicante apartment on Costa Blanca

CONDITIONS: Police found dogs with eye ulcers, skin problems and uncut claws. CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE Alicante Local Police Canine Unit rescued 36 sick dogs which they found packed into a small apartment in Calle Pintor Gaston Castello.

The animals, all small and medium-sized mongrels, and including two five-day old puppies, reportedly had eye ulcers, skin conditions and long, uncut claws. One had a fractured paw and two of the females had to be operated on due to uncertainties their pregnancies could go to full term.

The dogs were also extremely wary of people.

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The discovery followed a neighbour’s complaint to the council about the dogs’ barking and the smell, also reporting the animals were never taken out of the property.

The dogs were taken to the municipal shelter.

Alicante city Security councillor Jose Ramón Gonzalez said the dogs would be put up for adoption. He also reminded residents to call the local police or 112 to report suspected cases of animal mistreatment in order than an investigation could be opened.

“Complaints are critical when it comes to detecting and putting an end to animal mistreatment, which is a crime”, the councillor commented.


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