Healthy schools in Alicante

Training and educating young people: Recommendations for healthy living. SOURCE: Shutterstock

COUNCILOR for Commerce, Consumption, and Hospitality of Alicante, Lidia López, recently presented the program ‘Healthy Schools’ created to train and educate young people, families and teachers in healthy living habits, balanced eating, daily physical activity and personal hygiene.

This initiative launched by the Council has been presented at the San Roque School, a centre that hosted a pilot project in the past school year with the participation of 92 students.

Thanks to its success and good reception, the project has been expanded to seven educational centres in which a total of 552 students from Virgen del Remedio, Santísima Faz, Bacarot, El Plameral, Rabassa, Eusebio Sempere, Santo Domingo will participate.

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López explained that with the implementation of the program in schools it will be possible to “Offer the necessary tools to train and educate students, raising awareness of healthy habits and lifestyle with a responsible attitude.”

Alicante is a pioneer in promoting the ‘Healthy Schools’ project among educational centres for children, primary and secondary schools. The project has been made possible thanks to the Education Centre of Consumer Resources of Alicante (CERCA), and a large team of experts in nutrition and health.


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