Costa Blanca news: Rules for dogs in Alicante

Dog Beach: Motril shuts down dog beach for the time being.SOURCE: Shutterstock

ALICANTE Council recently approved the Municipal Ordinance on Tenure, Welfare and Protection of Animals which consists of 15 chapters, 112 articles and for the first time, regulations for dog beaches and dog parks.

With regard to animals on the Costa Blanca beaches, it points out that “except for those expressly authorized for dogs, access of all kinds of animals to the sand of the beaches throughout the year is prohibited,” However, it goes on to stress that “dogs will be able to access in the period between November 1 and March 1, always respecting safety and health measures, that is, with muzzle if necessary, and droppings must be collected. ”

Dogwalkers are obliged to collect and remove the excrement and must proceed to immediate cleaning. “Urine that affects street furniture, buildings, sidewalks or any other element will be cleaned by pouring clean water on them. Those accompanying the animal will be obliged to carry a bottle, filled with water should they need it.”


The second section regulates dog parks and includes rules to ensure that these spaces are not close to homes, will be easily accessible, adapted to the environment, exclusively for dogs and with space that allows them to run at least 1,000 square meters.


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