Costa Blanca News: Large fire

Lasting more than eleven hours: Two affected were later transferred to hospital. SOURCE: Bomberos Ayto Alic

TWO operators suffered breathing problems caused by smoke inhalation after a fire in an industrial building of a cardboard recycling company in the Las Atalayas estate.

Department of Security has reported that the two affected were later transferred to hospital.

The fire started for unknown reasons and measures to control and extinguish it were very complicated, lasting more than eleven hours.

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The fire was so severe it was attended by five full engines of firefighters plus several patrols of the Local Police and ambulances.

Upon arriving at the site, servicemen located where the fire was at its fiercest, and that it was being fed by an accumulation of cardboard waste and other materials such as plastics and wooden pallets.

After three hours of work they began to control it, although, according to the same sources, it was “very complicated” to extinguish because of the wind and the “great bulk of waste” 

The mayor of Security, José Ramón González, thanked “the great work” performed “for more than eleven hours to control and extinguish this complicated fire” and congratulated the municipal fire department for its “excellent operation and professionalism.”



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