Bar and restaurant terrace inspections in El Campello on Costa Blanca

CHECKS: The council claims a number of establishments have tables and chairs on public streets without the relevant authorisation. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de El Campello

EL Campello council has launched a campaign to check bar and restaurant terraces comply with regulations and local authority authorisations and have the relevant permits.

The Public Streets department overseen by Francisco Javier Martin has taken on an inspector, who the council said is doing the rounds of establishments in the municipality to check that everything is in order.

According to the council, of the 170 bars and restaurants operating in the municipality, 65 are not up-to-date with their payments and around 30 have not even applied for authorisation.

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Businesses of this kind are required to request and obtain the pertinent authorisations for putting out chairs and tables, but the local authority said it had detected a number taking up space on public streets without complying with the legal requirements.

Javier Martin described the situation as “chaotic”, hence the decision to activate administrative mechanisms to sort it out.


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