New patrol cars for Local Police in Villajoyosa on Costa Blanca

GOOD INVESTMENT: The Mayor said the new vehicles would enable officers to act more effectively in emergencies. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Villajoyosa

VILLAJOYOSA Local Police has two new patrol cars.

Mayor Andreu Verdu, Public Safety councillor Isabel Perona and Local Police Chief Antonio Mingot officially presented the force with the new wheels on Thursday.

The vehicles conform to the new Valencia regional government regulations. That is they are automatics and low contaminating gas emission.

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Both vehicles are equipped with a flashing light, siren and megaphone. One also has a kit for transporting detainees with a partition and plastic covering on the back seat.

The Public Safety councillor said the new cars meant equipping Villajoyosa’s police officers with “the best means for doing an effective job in our locality.

She also explained they would replace two more basic, old vehicles, pointing out that it was necessary bearing in mind they are being used 24-hours a day “with the wear and tear this means.”

Added the Mayor, “We will continue working and investing in order to offer the best possible service to residents.

“These new Local Police vehicles will enable our officers to act with greater effectiveness in possible emergency situations.”

The Villajoyosa Local Police force currently has seven patrol vehicles and eight mopeds.


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