COSTA DEL SOL NEWS: Marbella honeytrap scammer conned disabled man in Madrid out of €30,000

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Man fell victim to a honeytrap scam in Spain

A WOMAN and two men have been arrested for conning a disabled man out of €30,000 in a ‘honeytrap’ scam. 

National Police officers have arrested in Marbella on the Costa del Sol a 26-year-old Colombian woman and two 30-year-old men – one Spanish and one Colombian – as allegedly responsible for a crime of fraud and another of false documentation. 

The arrested woman had, according to police, gained the victim’s trust by initially starting a long distance telephone relationship with him. 

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Eventually he started sending her money to pay for the woman to travel up to Spain’s capital of Madrid to see him. 

After several months the alleged ‘girlfriend’ persuaded him to buy a car in his own name for her to use to travel to see him – even though he continued to send her ‘large’ sums of money for her travel costs. 

He sent her the money and the cash was used to buy a car in his name. It was then that scam came into play. 

Police say that she managed to trick the victim into signing papers which turned out would transfer the car into someone else’s name. 

The victim finally realised he had been conned and went to police. 

The police investigation found that two men were involved in the scam and had plotted the transfer of the vehicle with the woman. 

Once located the three investigated were arrested as allegedly responsible for a crime of fraud and another of documentary falsity. The vehicle that was the object of the fraud was recovered and by the agents. 



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