Cleaning up waste disposal point in Huercal-Overa Costa Almeria

BUILD-UP: The local authority claims large amounts of waste have been accumulating at the location. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Huercal-Overa

HUERCAL-OVERA is carrying out a clean-up of the municipal Clean Point and transferring residues to authorised centres.

The local authority claims large amounts of waste have been building up at the location and on surrounding ground for some time.

“When we took on the responsibility of governing we found in the designated Clean Point area that tonnes of residues were accumulating as a result of the collection, treatment and transferral not having been managed by an authorised company”, commented Huercal-Overa Mayor Francisca Lourdes Fernandez.

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“The commitment of this government team to the environment and public health is starting to be seen with actions like this and in the responsible planning of complete waste treatment”, the Mayor maintained.

The council said the 2020 municipal budget currently which the local authority is currently drafting will include a section for managing the Clean Point in compliance with waste disposal regulations.


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