“Friendly” mugger targets Gandia pensioner

NABBED: A resident held on to the suspect until the police arrived. CREDIT: Shutterstock

POLICE have arrested a 30-year old Romanian woman for targeting a Gandia pensioner in a so-called friendly mugging.

Police suspect the young woman approached the elderly man and starting up a conversation at around midday on Avenida Norte in the Playa Gandia area on October 30. It was reportedly while she was talking to him that she managed to slip a diamond ring valued at some €2,000 off his finger.

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The victim realised what had happened and tried to fight back, suffering minor injuries in the process.

The mugger fled, but a resident managed to grab her and hold onto her until the police arrived. Officers also recovered the ring, which had fallen on the ground when she made off, and returned it to its owner.

These kinds of muggings involve the criminals engaging their victims in conversations, gaining their confidence with friendly words and gestures, while pocketing jewellery and items of value, at times using violence to get what they want. It is an issue the Euro Weekly News has covered several times.

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