Top band Amaral touring Spain

AMARAL: Top Spanish duo on tour Credit: Facebook

PROBABLY the most successful pop/rock Spanish duo Amaral is undertaking their first nationwide tour in two years to promote their eighth album Salto al Color.

Former drummer and now singer Eva Amaral and guitarist Juan Aguirre met in 1992 in Zaragoza and soon after this meeting formed the band that went on to become one of the biggest selling groups in Spain with their unusual mix of pop, rock and folk music.

They have very entertaining shows which can be quite wild at times and if they are enjoying the gig then they can perform for more than two hours without a break.


Although a fixed duo, they recruit a team of musicians to form a touring band and will be playing at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Malaga on Saturday December 21 with tickets costing from €25 online.


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