Alicante port plastic problem

CARELESS: Plastic items are thrown directly into the water or blown on the wind if not put in rubbish bins. CREDIT: Autoridad Portuaria de Alicante

MOST of the rubbish which ends up floating on the sea surface at Alicante port is plastic.

The company responsible for keeping the port waters clean reported that over the last year its cleans-ups of the surface of the water netted 10 tonnes of trash from the inner harbour, of which 70 per cent was plastic containers and bottles.

The port authority said the problem was plastic items not disposed of in rubbish bins which are carried by the wind or which are thrown directly into the sea.

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The authority also reported the cleaning company found most rubbish floating on the water the mornings after public holidays and Friday and Saturday nights.

Items most typically found bobbing around are plastic bottles, packages and glasses.


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