Junta de Andalucia move on Albox rambla prompts protest

UNAUTHORISED: The Andalucia regional government has demanded the concrete surface is removed. CREDIT: Francisco Torrecillas Sanchez Facebook

THE Junta de Andalucia’s decision to remove the concrete surface from a section of the Albox rambla prompted a spontaneous protest by local residents on Friday afternoon.

Dozens of people gathered at the side of this area of the rambla going through Albox town and parked their cars to prevent the diggers from gaining access, leading to the arrival of the Guardia Civil. In the end the diggers went away.

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The council recently put down the concrete surface on a side of rambla in response to what Albox Mayor Francisco Torrecillas maintained in a post on social media was residents’ justified demand “for reasons of health, comfort and safety to secure the stones above the central channel.”

However the regional government demanded the rambla is returned to its natural condition on the basis the works had lacked authorisation.

The Mayor described the Junta’s move as “disagreeable news.”


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