Back in the water for aqua fitness in Benitatxel

BENEFITS: The council says aqua gym is a fun way to get fit. CREDIT: Ajuntament de Benitatxel

AQUA gym classs have got underway again at the El Poble Nou de Benitatxell municipal swimming pool with high levels of participation.

Councillor for the Elderly Isa Garrido has encouraged local residents to sign up for the activity, which the council points out has many health benefits, especially for senior citizens.

Also known as aqua fitness, aquatic gymnastics is essentially aerobics in the water. Not only does the activity burn calories it also helps to reduce blood pressure and cellulite and is basically a fun way of keeping fit, according to the local authority.


The council also points out that doing the exercise in water greatly reduces the risk of any kind of injury.

The local authority recommends aqua gym for people with muscle or joint problems or for anyone going through physical therapy.

The classes are held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 11am and will run until June 15.


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