Six-year prison sentence for Alicante park stabbing

DEFENCE: The defendant maintained he had reacted to the victim punching him in the face. CREDIT: Shutterstock

AN Alicante court has sentenced a man to six years in prison for a stabbing during an argument over a debt in a city park.

He was accused of getting into a scuffle with another man in the San Blas district and knifing him seven times in May 2016.

The victim would reportedly have died from his injuries if he had not received medical assistance in time.

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According to Spanish media the defendant had arranged to meet the victim in the park to demand he pay him money he was owed. Also, that he had allegedly sent a friend a recorded Whatsapp message beforehand in which he said he was fed up with the other man and was thinking of taking a knife to threaten him.

It appears the conversation between two men got very heated. The victim, who has since passed away due to other causes, punched the defendant in the face who responded with the knife. He then fled the scene, leaving the victim laid out on the ground.

The defendant admitted at his trial he had stabbed the man, but his defence argued it was only after he was punched first, also alleging he had been under the influence of drugs and his behaviour had been a fit of rage.

As well as six years, the aggressor has been sentenced to pay €22,828 compensation to the victim’s family and a further €68,152 for the repercussions.


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