Cantoria cat neutering charity Kitty Kat celebrates charity status

ACHIEVEMENT: Ron and Jean Nield and Mayor Puri Sanchez admire the charity status certificate. CREDIT: Liz Carey

CANTORIA feral cat neutering organisation Kitty Kat Almanzora Valley (KKAV) is delighted to announce it now has charity status.

The village and surrounding area have a large number of feral and stray cats who are fed by the locals, but the numbers are getting out of hand, KKAV says.

Seeing this problem, Ron and Jean Nield launched a project to limit the number of kittens being born. 

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They humanely catch a feral cat, take it to a vet to be checked and neutered and then return it safely back to its area. Amazingly the couple has neutered 30 cats since April.

Ron and Jean have the support of villagers, Cantoria Mayor Puri Sanchez and George Gonzales from the local council, who has helped the organisation to gain charitable status.

Ron and Jean hold tombolas outside the Town Hall and attend other charity markets to raise funds. They are grateful to Ibex Insurance for sponsoring the neutering programme and to individuals who have paid for cats to be neutered.

The next KKAV fundraiser is a lucky Ddp on the morning of Wednesday December 11 outside


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