Overdoing the mushroom picking in the Upper Almanzora

TOO MUCH: Guardia officers found more than 50 kilos of mushrooms. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

THE Guardia Civil have filed official complaints against several individuals for overdoing the mushroom picking in Sierro in the Upper Almanzora.

Officers on patrol in Los Seis Pies mountain area found crates with more than 50 kilos of saffron milk cap mushrooms in three vehicles during a traffic control precisely to prevent these kinds of illegal activities.

This was a clear violation of regulations on the permitted amount of collecting no more than five kilos per person a day.

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What’s more, pickers are not allowed to use tools which alter the topsoil while gathering wild mushrooms as it could prevent new growth, and the mushrooms picked should be for home consumption.

The Guardia explained this kind of action is part of the force’s responsibility for guaranteeing the sustainable development and collection of forest mushrooms in Almeria province, preserving regeneration and ensuring controlled picking which does not damage the environment.


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