Emotional intelligence to tackle bullying in Alicante schools

AIMS: The programme promotes values like equality, respect, social integration and non-violence. EDIT: Shutterstock

SCHOOL children are set to undergo training in emotional intelligence as part of a strategy to tackle bullying in Alicante province’s schools.

In the third phase of the Diputacion de Alicante’s bullying prevention ‘Hero’ progamme, implemented through the Universidad Miguel Hernandez Criminal Centre, children aged between eight and 14 in three junior and three senior schools will take part in the emotional intelligence sessions.

Following an evaluation of the climate in the classroom and the impact of bullying, the pupils will be taken though five modules in two sessions, based on the provincial administration’s Hero School Bullying Prevention Guide, as a means of addressing the growing incidents of bullying in recent years.


Diputacion de Alicante Equality and Youth deputy Mari Carmen Jover said the fight against bullying was a priority for the administration.

She also said it was important to offer training to parents and teachers, allowing for “going into more depth into the definition of school bullying, the different profiles of the problem and the existing programmes, both prevention and intervention.”

The programme is, the Diputacion said, designed to promote values like equality, respect, social integration and non-violence. It seeks to equip young people with emotional and behaviour skills, create a positive school environment, establish how common bullying is in the province’s schools and provide parents and educators with resources.

The Diputacion launched the first phase of the programme in 2016 with direct intervention workshops with families and teaching professionals at the Familia Pedro Herrero Institute.

Materials used in the workshops and the results of a study were published in the second phase. The result was a bullying prevention guide for the use of education centres.

Once the project is finalised the guide will be made available to all schools in the province.


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