Coffin mix-up sorted just in time  

Coffin mix-up sorted just in time  

COFFIN mix-up at a Madrid funeral parlour was sorted out just before it was too late. 

One of the coffins was destined for Torremocha in Extremadura and the other should have gone to Valladolid, 

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The funeral cars duly set off first thing in the morning from the capital, but, it turned out, carrying the wrong coffins. 

It was when the car going to Extremadura stopped before reaching the final destination that one of the funeral parlour employees noticed something was amiss with the documentation and the decision was taken to check inside the coffin, Spanish media reported 

Sure enough, when they opened up the casket, instead of the body of a Guardia Civil officer in his uniform they found the body of a former policeman. 

The funeral cars met up in Nvalmoral de la Mata and did a swap

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