Police clear up Almeria body remains case

SUSPECT: Police arrested the 50-year old father of the dead woman’s child after it was established she died from several knife wounds. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

POLICE have cleared up the case of the remains of a woman which appeared in a property in Almeria in the summer.

A police statement they have arrested a man who was in a relationship with the dead woman and who is the father of her two-year old daughter.

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Police discovered the badly decomposed body in a house on Calle Cesar de Almeria on July 15 after the estate administrator reported an appalling stench coming from one of the properties.

The fire service forced open the front door revealing the property was completely empty apart from a mattress up against a wall in one of the bedrooms. It was under the mattress that police officers made the grisly find of what was left of the body wrapped in a blanket.

Due to the state of the remains it was at this stage only possible to determine the person’s gender. However, an autopsy and subsequent investigations identified the woman as 39-year old M.D.M.M.

The remains were transferred to the Legal and Forensic Anatomy Institute in Madrid. Initially it was unable to confirm the cause of death, but did find traces of a second person.

Investigators were able to establish that the house was owned by the brother of the man now under arrest and that he had had access to the property. Further investigations showed that 50-year old M.N.A. had been romantically involved with the dead woman and that they had had a child together.

The Legal and Forensic Anatomy Institute has now determined the woman met a violent end, specifically that she died from a number of stab wounds.

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