Tiger mosquito battle help for Villajoyosa

Concerns over new breed of mosquito CREDIT: Ajuntament de Villajoyosa

VILLAJOYOSA is set to receive regional government financial aid to help with the battle against tiger mosquitos.

The council will get an €800 subsidy from the Generalitat Health regional ministry for dealing with the plague.

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The local authority said the money would be put towards covering its Environment department’s outlay on the company with responsibility for pest control in the municipality, and which is carrying out the fumigation and treatment to deal with the bothersome, biting insects.

The council pointed out that tiger mosquitos have increasingly become a problem in the area in recent years, adding that the Environment department is hoping the treatment will prevent their appearance next summer.

“The September cold snap and the subsequent increase in temperatures has caused a great presence of the tiger mosquito and the common mosquito in the municipality, hence this assistance will make it easier to deal with the Environment department’s expenses to control the increase in the insect”, commented Environment councillor Jose Carlos Gil.

Villajoyosa Mayor Andreu Verdu thanked the council staff who had processed the subsidy request “which helps us to finance part of the campaign for controlling this plague which is so bothersome to residents, and which occasionally requires medical assistance.”

The assistance to Villajoyosa comes out of the €400,000 the Valencia community administration allocated to nearly 300 municipalities in the region in total, 70 of them in Alicante province.

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