Driver copped doing 90 km/h over speed limit in Alcontar

SERIOUS: The driver could get a prison sentence and lose his licence for up to four years. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A DRIVER caught doing 90km/h over the speed limit in Alcontar is facing serious road safety offence charges.

Guardia Civil Traffic officers clocked F.C.C. doing 150km/h on a stretch of the A-334 Baza to Huercal-Overa road in El Hijate in Alcontar on which the maximum permitted speed is 60km/h.

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The Guardia said the speeding driver faces a possible prison sentence of three to six months, a six to 12-month fine or 31 to 91 days’ community work. He could also lose his licence for between one and four years.

According to the Guardia, Alcontar council has informed the provincial Traffic department headquarters on a number of occasions about the problem of vehicles exceeding the speed limit when they go through El Hijate.


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