England Fan died in Bulgaria Yesterday

Credit Twitter

A British man has died in Sofia ahead of England’s Euro 2020 qualifier against Bulgaria.

The unnamed 32-year-old was said to be acting “aggressively, raging and threatening” when he was discovered at around 10 am on Monday ahead of the match.

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A spokeswoman for Bulgaria’s Ministry of Interior said no cause of death has been identified and went on to say,

“At 10 am today, the police received a call to attend a man in a helpless condition, in the city centre.

“He was a foreign national, from Britain, and he was taken to hospital but he sadly died.

“Police are working to clarify all the circumstances in the incident.

“There is no further detail on any injuries.

“There will be a forensic examination to find out what the cause of death was.”

A statement on the authority’s website added that in hospital, the victim “suddenly began to act aggressively, raging and threatening”.


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