Ozzy Osbourne Confirms He’s Not Dying

Credit Twitter

Ozzy Osbourne has assured fans he’s “not dying” after he took to social media to announce that he was postponing further European tour dates after the event was initially cancelled earlier this year.

The legendary Black Sabbath singer took to Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday 9 October to post a characteristically jokey video, where he downplayed his health issues. Employing his typical sarcastic Brummie delivery, he said he’d been “bored stiff” by doctors who had put him on bed rest after ” he screwed up the vertebrae in his neck” in an accident.

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“At the beginning of this year I had a bad fall, had to have surgery, so I’ve got more nuts and bolts in my neck now than in my car,” he told his followers. “I’m not dying, I am recovering. It’s just taking a little bit longer than everyone thought it would.”

Ozzy continued: “Can’t wait to get off my a**e and get going again, but you’ve just gonna have to be a bit more patient.”

“I’m postponing the European tour because I’m not ready,” the Birmingham-born rocker continued. “I’m not retiring, I’ve still got gigs to do. But when I do come back on an American tour, I wanna be one hundred per cent ready to come out and knock your f***ing socks off.”


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