Leave.EU Apologizes For War Tweet

Leave.EU Apologizes For War Tweet

Don’t mention the war is not just a Basil Fawlty phrase 

LEAVE.EU, the group that says that it “exists to ensure the will of the British people is respected following our historic vote to leave the European Union” has apologised for a tweet that was posted yesterday (Tuesday). 

It showed an image of German Chancellor Angel Merkel with her right arm in the air looking as if she is making a nazi salute with the words “We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by a kraut”. 


This was posted in response to an unconfirmed report from No10 source which suggested that the Germans would not agree to the new Brexit plan unless Northern Ireland remained within the European Union customs area when the rest of Britain leaves. 

Co-founder of Leave.EU Arron Banks tweeted today “The @LeaveEUOfficial team went too far yesterday but the real outrage is the German suggestion that Northern Ireland be separated from the UK. As a result we will delete the post and apologize accordingly … 

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