Copper Wire Stolen From Olive Oil Companies In Toledo 

Copper Wire Stolen From Olive Oil Companies In Toledo 
Caption: THEFT: Criminals enter at dawn and strip out the copper wire  Credit: ASAJA 

Copper wire stolen from olive oil companies in Toledo 

THE Association of Young Farmers (ASAJA) reported that a number of robberies have occurred at several olive oil companies in the Montes de Toledo regionwith losses exceeding €50,000. 

The thieves are not after the oil, but after the abundant copper wiring in these factories which lead from transformers to light boxes. 


One company lost 1,000 kilos of copper wire and another slightly less but the cost is significant not just for the replacement but for the fact that both companies will be out of action for at least two weeks whilst waiting to replace that which has been stolen. 

The only positive thing to emerge from these thefts was that if they had happened a month later at the height of the pressing season, the loss of business would have been even greater. 

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