A Man From Valladolid Suffers Severe Burns After Mobile Explodes In Trouser Pocket

A man from Valladolid suffers severe burns from the explosion of a mobile phone in his trouser pocket. Credit: Shutterstock

A 45-year-old man from Valladolid has suffered severe burns from the explosion of a mobile phone in his trouser pocket.

The mobile brand in question is a Hammer which the victim carried in his pocket.

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The incident occurred last Sunday morning when Raul Garcia, a 45-year-old from Valladolid was on a farm in the municipality of Traspiendo Valladolid, with his 15-year-old son cutting grass.

The victim had to be treated at the Rio Hortega hospital in the capital of Pucelana for burns to one hand and the right leg. The mobile in question was the model Energy, of the Hammer brand (which is advertised for 159€ and publicised as an ‘all terrain model’). The man presented “erythematous lesions and blisters on all the fingers of the right hand,” with first-degree burns, in addition to other less serious “on the lateral face of the right thigh, with peeling blackish skin.

“I felt like a deflagration and then a lot of heat in the leg. When I realised it was the phone and tried to pick it up I burned my hand. I had the pool fifteen meters away and I didn’t even have time to get into it. I threw myself to the ground, screaming, and my son is the one who took it out when the mobile appeared a little in the pocket”, explained the man.


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