Far Right political party stages protest during movie screening in Valencia

Far Right political party stages protect during movie screening in Valencia
PROTEST: España 2000 protesters took offence to the content of the film ‘While at War’. Source: Twitter @moviebasenl

THE Far right group, Espana 2000 held a protest at a screening in Civil War era movie, ‘While at War’ on Thursday night as disgruntled movie goers walked out.

The film, directed by acclaimed director Alejandro Amenábar (The Others, The Sea Inside and Open Your Eyes), tells the story of the famous confrontation during the Spanish Civil War between the philosopher Miguel de Unamuno and the Francoist soldier José Millán-Astray.

Shortly before the movie began, members of the Espana 2000 movement started chanting slogans such as “Long live Spain!” and “Long live Christ the king!”. They also spread a large banner in front of the screen reading “Join the resistance, España 2000.”


A couple of minutes into the film the group were removed by local police and six members were identified and arrested.

According to eye witnesses, the majority of the cinema remained awkwardly quiet during the protest, with a select number opting to walk out. A small section of the crowd even cheered as the slogans were being shouted.

According the Espana 2000, the aim was to record a video to be uploaded on their social media page. In the video, Franco-era slogans are audible – including “Spain, united, great, free”.

Via it’s Facebook account, España 2000 has issued a number of statements regarding its objections to the ‘While at War’ movie including, “On Thursday evening we carried out a protest at the Lys cinema in #Valencia against the movie #MientrasDureLaGuerra, a film that retells history in a biased way that is full of historical errors,”  

This is not the first time the well known far right party has staged protests, earlier this year it staged a protest outside the leftist party Compromís’ deputy regional premier in Valencia, Mónica Oltra’s home.


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