Spick and span riverbanks

RIVER ALGAR: Worth looking after Photo credit: Mine

TWENTY-SIX volunteers took part in this year’s Mans al riu project, clearing rubbish from the banks of the River Algar.

The volunteers removed 279 kilos of rubbish by hand – hence the Hands on the river slogan –between the railway bridge and the small footbridge further upstream in the Sogai neighbourhood.

This was the second consecutive year that Altea took part in the Fundacion Limne project which, with the backing of the Global Omnium association and Ecovidrio, sets out to remind the public of the need to conserve rivers and keep them free of litter and rubbish.


This year volunteers have removed a total of 11.6 tons of rubbish from the banks and countryside that surrounds the Valencian Community’s rivers, announced Altea’s Environment councillor Jose Orozco.

The morning’s work on the Algar banks was “very positive”, with many more volunteers taking part than last year, said Orozco, drawing special attention to the collaboration of Altea’s branch of the Red Cross.


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