PSOE denounces head of fire department for gross mismanagement

SCATHING: Manuel Chicón and Antonio Moreno Ferrer during the conference. Source: Facebook / PSOE

THE PSOE have heavily denounced the previous head of the fire department for “gross mismanagement”

The provincial deputy of the PSOE, Manuel Chicón, denounced the previous PP head of the Provincial Fire Consortium, Francisco Delgado Bonilla for leaving the consortium with a trail of problems.

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A press conference was held of Tuesday 3 October with Chicon and heads of the Provincial Fire Consortium (CPB) to discuss the issues that currently face the delegation.

Chicón explained that one of the last decisions of the outgoing president was the approval of a credit amendment of €1.2 million that received unfavourable support from the qualified national Malaga Provincial Council, but still went ahead.

“This irregular modification of credit meant that about 400 firefighters could not collect the bonuses or overtime since July,” said Chicón.

“In short, Delgado Bonilla is in the eye of the hurricane because of his negligent management at the head of the Provincial Fire Consortium. The facts we describe leave the PP spokesman as a bad manager. As bad management made the front of Firefighters as bad opposition is doing now here in Velez-Malaga,” he added

Velez Mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer also made a statement on the denunciation, in it he described “the two faces of Delgado Bonilla, he speaks of good management but does not reflect in his actions”


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