Dana details emerge as judge presents case against boyfriend

HOMICIDE: Shocking details emerge regarding the murder of Dana Leonte. Source: Facebook

MORE details are emerging of the case of the alleged murder of Romanian Dana Leonte.

In a police report given to Spanish media, the decision to jail the boyfriend of Dana Leonte, Sergio Ruiz was made by the judge due to the “gravity of the facts” and that authorities feared he would use his release to destroy further evidence of his guilt.

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Prosecutors have concluded from evidence presented during the investigation that Sergio allegedly “hit the woman at least once with a wooden weapon on the head”, after which he concealed her and dragged her down the stairs to put her in a vehicle and move her to another place “to hide her” or “to kill her and hide her”.

Evidence to corroborate the story was obtained through police measures such as telephone tapping, geo location devices, testifying and collection of samples from various locations.

It was also pointed out that Sergio falsified text messages supposedly from Dana, and upon investigation of the man’s property there was a strong smell of cleaning products.

News of the emerging facts come a the town of Arenas announced three days of official mourning for the death of Arenas resident Dana.

A minutes silence was also held at 9am on Thursday outside the town hall.


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