Son of Spiderman seriously hurt in Madrid fall 

National Police Credit: Shutterstock

A 12-year-old boy nicknamed ‘Son of Spiderman’ has been seriously hurt after falling from a first floor flat. 

The Romanian boy fell as he apparently tried to make his escape from a flat in Madrid. He suffered head injuries and multiple fractures when he hit the concrete pavement. 

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National Police believe he may have burgled the apartment and was trying to climb down the building’s façade. They say that despite his age he has committed several burglaries previously by scaling up facades – often accompanied by other children. 
The owners of the flat reported to the National Police that someone had entered the house and taken some jewellery. 
A witness explained that he saw the child on the ground after the fall about four metres from the place from which he could have slipped. 

Police sources confirmed that the child does not live in the apartment block and that he had been arrested several times for committing robberies, although being under 14 years old he cannot be prosecuted. 

Some officers had already christened him Son of Spiderman due to his previous escapades. 
People who know the injured child indicated that when he was young he was locked in the family apartment by his mother to try to keep control of him and ensure he did not leave the home. 

Undeterred, he became expert at climbing facades. One acquaintance said to El Mundo: “He is very skilful and many knew what he did, but since he was so young, nothing could be done even though his mother scolded him.” 




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