Gangster caught in Puerto Banus

Gangster caught in Puerto Banus Credit: Puerto Banus Property

A MAN linked to one of the most active organised crime groups in Ceuta has been arrested in Puerto Banus. 

He is the brother of the leader of a network that was engaged in trafficking hashish and was engaged in a vicious turf war for control of the enclave’s criminal underground. 

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Police allege the arrested man was in charge of directing the war and ordered attacks and extortion on his brother’s gang’s rivals. 

He is wanted by two courts in Ceuta and had a warrant for arrest and detention in force against him. 

An investigation had begun after several violent incidents in Ceuta, with police identifying the two brothers as allegedly behind the enclave’s drugs trade. 

Last August, Police arrested three members of the organisation in Casares, including the brother of the now arrested man who, after being sentenced to prison, had been on the run. 


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