Doctor intimidation in a Malaga Hospital

Credit: Andalucia Information

THERE has been another case of an emergency room doctor being threatened and intimidated. 

In the latest of a series of incidents the doctor was only saved from being physically assaulted at Malaga’s Hospital Clinical by the rapid action of a security guard. 

The health worker has reported the incident, which involved a psychiatric patient, to hospital authorities and the National Police. 

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Health workers’ union CSIF has expressed its concern about the high rate of aggressive incidents against public health workers in Malaga. 

It has denounced a lack of adequate facilities, arguing that “these deficiencies, coupled with a chronic lack of staff in the emergency room, complicate actions that can be taken in violent situations such as that experienced this Monday.” 

In a statement the union added that the health service should adapt its Plan of Aggressions to take into account individual health centre architecture so that workers can be quickly evacuated to a place of safety when needed. 


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