Barcelona cinema manager sentenced to 24 years for sexual abuse

JUSTICE: Barcelona cinema manager sentenced to 24 years in prison for sexual abuse. Source: Wikipedia

THE MANAGER of several cinemas in the Maresme area of Barcelona has been sentenced to 23 year and eight months in prison for the abuse of 15 underage boys.

Lluís Gros received his sentence in front of Barcelona magistrates this morning for the crimes of sexual abuse, prostitution and corruption of minors.

The crimes relate to back in 2005 when the man hired young boys to help distribute marketing leaflets for the cinema. Many of the boys were under 18 years of age when Gros made advances towards them.


His first encounter was of a 17 year old who was taken back to the mans home with a prostitute to take part in sexual activities.

Another was a partially disabled boy who participated in sexual acts for an increase in pay.

According to a statement read out in court, “Gros preyed upon the immaturity of the minor, accentuated by suffering from attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity and dyslexia, to have sexual relations with him in exchange for money on a dozen occasions in the following months.” 

In total, 15 encounters were reported, each involving the payment of between €30 and €50 to the boys in exchange for sex acts.

Gros was caught after a group of the boys recorded conversations where the manager admitted to his actions.

Along with the sentence, Gros has been ordered to pay a total of €46,000 to the boys involved in the case for moral damages, as well as a general fine of €8,450.


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