Supermarket prepares to fight

Credit: Cumbre de Sol

TEULADA-MORAIRA town hall insisted that it was legally obliged to close a local supermarket.

“This was carried out only and exclusively in compliance with a ruling from the Upper Court of the Valencian Community,” an official statement maintained.

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Not doing so would have incurred a fine, the town hall said.

Meanwhile MasyMas insisted that the closure was entirely Teulada-Moraira town hall’s fault for refusing to legalise the installation.

“Far from showing willingness to find a solution, the town hall has offered no answer since receiving a new Interior Reformation Plan (PRI) correcting deficiencies,” the supermarket claimed.

The problem goes back to 2008 when the company was allowed to put up the supermarket despite the presence of a nearby watercourse and the likelihood of flooding.

A nearby business lodged a formal complaint and after several court rulings the order to close the supermarket down finally arrived in 2013

The plan to rectify the shortcomings responsible for the 2013 ruling was approved on May 6 with the votes of the Partido Popular party which controlled the town hall until the May 26 municipal elections, MasyMas pointed out.

The statement concluded by announcing that the supermarket would take legal action seeking compensation of €13,848,123.


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