Animal rights and mental health discussed in latest plenary in Velez Malaga

Mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer sits with Councillors to discuss important issues this week. Source: Ayuntamiento


ANIMAL rights, social welfare and mental health were amongst the topics discussed at the recent plenary meeting.

Held on Monday morning at the Ayuntamiento de Velez Malaga, councillors approved seven of the eight topics in the agenda.


Among the primary discussions was the unanimous agreement to provide the necessary tools to groups and professionals in Velez-Malaga work with people affected by mental health problem.

These plans will come into force on October 10th where the world celebrates World Mental Health Day, with new training courses and activities being rolled out in the Axarquian capital throughout the year.

Housing received a boost with a new commission being approved containing members of all municipal political groups to help solve the ongoing housing crisis in the province.

Councillors also pledged to improve the resources to enable via a specific focus group to the regions most vulnerable citizens, as well as the implementation of the method C.E.S. (Capture-Sterilization-Drop) to help control the local stray cat population.

Velez Malaga has also announced that the popular ‘fiesta de las Cruces de Mayo’ will achieve ‘Fiesta de Singularidad Turística Provincial’ status to further bolster the towns cultural offerings.



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