Recognising Local Police

MORE SURPRISING: Denia Local Police sayu reasons for breaching restrictions are getting stranger

THE mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, met with members of the Local Police on their Patron Saint’s feast day in order to congratulate them on their work and to present medals.

She highlighted the importance of this local force and confirmed the council’s commitment to ensuring that adequate funding would be available in order to allow them to undertake their work.

Not only will funding be made to ensure their good working conditions but the council will always bear in mind their need for security and protection from criminals and members of the general public as they undertake their important work.


Additional legal training will be given thanks to a new agreement with the Bar Association of Malaga and facilities will be upgraded with the launch of the Emergency Coordination Centre, a new control and command room which will be equipped with the latest technological equipment in order to reduce response times.

The opening of the SATE office (Foreign Tourist Assistance Service), as well as the introduction of the first phase of the video surveillance system will help to make the streets in the urban centres of Marbella and San Pedro Alcantara even safer.


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