All-seeing eyes in Alfaz

CCTV CAMERAS: Installed at principal Alfaz’s principal accesses Photo credit: SteHLiverpool

ALL Alfaz councillors voted unanimously to extend the town’s network of CCTV security cameras.

Three new cameras will be installed in Avenida Olaf V de Noruega, Calle Sierra Helada and the Cami Vell d’Altea as well as two more number-plate readers at the roundabouts connecting the Cami Vell with Calle Juan Sebastian Bach and Avenida Sant Pere.

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Once these are installed, Alfaz del Pi with have a total of 23 CCTV cameras and seven number plate readers located at the town’s entry and exit roads as well as its commercial zones.

Although the cameras and number plate readers are used principally for traffic control, the Guardia Civil requested images on 22 occasions while investigating crimes.

On several occasions, these have provided vital evidence during accidents, including one hit-and-run incident when the images conclusively identified the driver.


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