Madrid scammer wishes he’d paid more attention in Geography

Atocha Madrid: Train station Source: Wikipedia

A con artist got more than he bargained for when he tried to scam a free ticket from tourists at Atocha station in the heart of Madrid.

A local man overheard the conversation in which the scammer tried to explain to a group of tourists that he had lost his ticket and wallet and needed money to get back to Valladolid (Castilla y León).

Suspicious of the mans motives, the tourists questioned him on which river runs through the centre of Valladolid, to which he replied, the Ebro.


The actual river that runs through the town is the Pisuerga, not the Ebro.

The tourists also pointed out that the AVE train to Valladolid doesn’t leave from Atocha but in fact from the Chamartin station across town. 

The commuter, who witnessed the interaction, wrote of his experience in a Twitter post under the username @Gauginaepicuro, adding: “And that, kids, is why you should pay attention to Geography at school.”


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