If You Lost Your Job Would You Go On Hunger Strike?

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If you lost your job would you go on hunger strike?
That’s exactly what a former crew of a luxury yacht have done since being sacked.
José Sanchez and Mercedes Cárdenas started a hunger strike last Friday and are now into 7 days of starvation.
They both claim they were unfairly sacked from their roles after reporting underage drinkers on board who were also taking drugs.
The hunger strike is in place as they demand the super yacht moored in exotic Peurto Banus marina is embargoed to ensure it doesn’t sail off to another location outside waters of jurisdiction to avoid their pending legal actions.
They also are demanding that the yacht’s owners have all their bank accounts embargoed until they receive their alleged unpaid wages and compensation of which they are seeking.
The hunger strikers said they were forced to work long and anti-social hours with hardly any time off to take a break away from the super yacht.
Sanchez was the Captian of the yacht named “My Clansa” whilst Cárdenas was a crew member.
Knowing the lengthy Spanish legal system it could well be a very long time until they are seen in the line ordering a Big Mac!


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