Death of a worker in Malaga

Death of a worker in Malaga Source: Pixabay

THE CCOO and UGT trade unions held a rally in Malaga after the death of a worker. 

A man died after falling seven metres from a roof in Campillos’ industrial estate near the A-384 road, according to the Emergency Service 112. 

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The coordinating centre dent Guardia Civil, Local police, and ambulance as well as alerting the Centre for the Prevention of Risks at Work and the Labour Inspectorate, as it appearede to be a cork accident. 

The Guardia Civil confirmed to 112 that the man died in the event, the causes of which are being investigated. 

It is thought he may have fallen through a sky light and then hit his head on machinery within the industrial unit. 

The unions called for a demonstration last Thursday to show their ‘repulsion’ at the death of a worker and call for better safety measures. 


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