Barcelona murder suspect commits suicide to avoid jail time

The body of the stabbing suspect is taken away by authorities. Source: Tele CIinco

THE man, wanted in connection with the murder of a young girl in the Olympic Port are of Barcelona has taken his own life after police surround his property to make the arrest.

According to police reports, the woman was stabbed by two individuals as she was leaving her apartment building after a botched attempt to steal her mobile phone.

Since the incident, the unidentified man has been on the run from police with a warrant out for his arrest.


Officers from the Mossos d’Escuadra surrounded his property last night in the Badalona area of the city, ready to make the arrest when they heard two shots coming from inside the building.

Authorities stormed the building to find he had taken two shots to himself.

The two other occupants of the property, his grandmother and another relative have been taken to hospital suffering from shock.

Of the two men involved in the stabbing, the other culprit turned himself into the police, implicating the second man in the incident.

However according to neighbours, the resident of Badalona protested his innocence and stated that he would “rather die than spend 30 years in prison”


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