VIDEO: Estepona Bank Robbery Attempt Quashed By Fast Response Armed Police

Estepona Bank Robbery Credit: Still Policia Nacional

Caxia Bank Estepona branch held up in robbery today.

The incident took place just after 2:30pm today in Estepona at the Caixa bank in Avenida Andalucia.
A man posing as an employee delivering for DHL attempted to rob the bank upon entrance disguised in a DHL uniform.
Armed officers soon arrived on the scene but it’s understood the robber attempted to take hostages but was stormed down by armed cops quickly.
A spokesman at the bank said ” there was only 6,000 euros in the safe” although this made no difference to petrified banks customers and staff.
Around 10 officers first on the scene screamed through a megaphone ” get down get down” shortly before storming the banks main doors and smashing the robber to the floor at gunpoint.
Video footage was captured by bystanders shocked at the events.


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