Stole from guest in Marbella

Stole from guest in Marbella Credit: Shutterstock

A BELGIAN man, aged 32, has been arrested for allegedly stealing effects worth €11,000 from a fellow hotel guest. 

According to National Police the suspect had managed to get hold of the magnetic pass card for the room. He then entered stole the goods and started posting them to the Netherlands. 

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 The investigation began on August 30 following a complaint from a tourist in Marbella, who said he had luxury bags, wallets and electronic devices stolen from his room. 

The Belgian was identified as the main suspect. He initially said he had committed the crime, say police, but no longer had the stolen items, which he had sold to a man in Puerto Banus. 

However, police intercepted a package being sent by the Belgian and found some of the stolen items. The man then handed over the rest of the goods 


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